Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sub-Let at Moghbazar, Dhaka.

Sub-Let at Moghbazar, Dhaka.

Location:  Boro Moghbazar (Bata'r Goli), Beside of Moghbazar Chourasta Mosque
House/Flat No.: 281/282-B
Floor: 4th (Front)
Contact No.: 01926-870894
Room: 01 (max. 2 person allow)
From: November, 2010
Eligibility of Applicant: Non-smoker, Honest, Religious and Service Holder.
Facilities: Drawing-Dinning Room, Kitchen, Attach Bathroom, GAS, Water, Electricity
Rent: Tk. BDT. 4,500/- (all including)


  1. Booked & Confirmed by giving 01 month Advance.

  2. Right now call me if you have any vacant room 01814796095


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